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4 Benefits of Ductless HVAC Systems

  Ductless systems go by a few different names. You may have heard them called split systems, mini-split systems, or multi-split systems, but these terms refer to essentially the same type of unit. These systems consist of an outdoor compressor connected to either one or multiple indoor “heads” that cool or heat specified zones or rooms in your home. Though

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The Positives of Home Automation

Technology evolves so quickly that we sometimes feel like futuristic developments just spring up out of nowhere. This is how many feel about some of the home automation technology on the market today. Being able to control so many features around your home –whether it’s your lights, your heating and cooling systems, or your garage door– from the tap of

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The Dangers of Basement Flooding

With all the flooding this February in Illinois and other parts of the country, many people experienced damage to their homes. Since flooding can happen quickly and have quite severe effects, we encourage our customers to take proper precautions to protect their property. You don’t want to get caught unprepared and have to deal with a ton of water in

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Pros & Cons of Tankless & Traditional Water Heaters

There’s nothing worse than waking up at the crack of dawn expecting a warm, soothing shower but getting a downpour of icy water instead. Equally unenjoyable is not having the proper temperature to wash your clothes, and as a result, ruining your favorite items. Water heaters prevent these kinds of mishaps by preheating water as needed for showering, dish washing,

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Why You Should Have A Humidifier In Your Home

Why You Should Have A Humidifier In Your Home Winter in Chicagoland can be pretty brutal: the piles of snow and frigid air make many of us question why we endure the same conditions year after year. Aside from following the birds south, there’s not much we can do to stay warm all winter long. However, there are some other

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How to Prevent Pipes From Bursting

It’s every homeowner’s nightmare scenario: walking in the front door to see water all over the place. This means destroyed furniture, costly repairs, and the time expenditure to handle the whole mess. Unfortunately, burst pipes are more common than you might realize. Esurance reports that “water damage due to burst pipes and other perils is the second-most filed insurance claim

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How to Maintain a Water Heater

A winter in Chicagoland can be pretty brutal without hot water. Imagine having to shower and wash your hands every day with lukewarm water while it’s freezing outside. Not a pleasant thought, is it? That’s why it is especially important to make sure your water heater is ready to withstand another winter as cold weather is on its way. If

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Why You Should Update Your Water Heater

As those of us living in the Chicagoland area know, winter can be brutal. Frigid temperatures, icy roads, and snow-covered driveways can really put a damper on the season. One of the most satisfying escapes from this chilly time of year is a nice, hot shower. However, a poorly functioning water heater can really ruin your morning when you’re expecting

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Why Does a Plumbing System Need a Vent?

Heating and cooling vents are common knowledge. But what about plumbing vents? So many customers get caught up trying to quickly remedy a plumbing problem that when asked the question “where’s the vent,” plumbers usually receive confused stares. Most don’t even think it could be a plumbing vent issue when they experience stoppages or clogs. The concept of plumbing vents

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Five Common Plumbing Problems (And How To Fix Them)

(Before you read, be cautioned: prevent water damage to your home or further issues and leave the big jobs to pro plumbers at Service One.) Fancy yourself a Ms. or Mr. Fix-It? Trying to save a buck or two? Whatever your motivation may be, here are some of the most common plumbing issues and how to fix them. Dripping Faucets

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