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Plumbing Fixtures


While most toilets have similar tank capacities, there are differing flush systems, flush valve sizes, and flush lever positionings to consider. Waterless toilets are also available for areas where water or plumbing is not available.

Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks

It’s important to consider the size of your kitchen or bathroom as a whole when choosing your sink. Most quality sinks can last for 15 years or more, though they do wear out over time.


Bathtubs are usually only installed in the case of damage, remodeling, or new home building. Different types, materials, and installation options are available to help find the right tub for you. Oftentimes, a balance of function and style is preferred.


Combo models and separate tub/shower solutions are usable in most homes, however, some homes don’t have the required space for separate pieces. Custom-designed combo units allow you to put various materials, tiles, colors, shelving, and fixtures to use as you see fit.

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