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Household Products That Improve Air Quality

Household Products That Improve Air Quality

The air quality in your home can have a great effect on your overall health, especially if you constantly breathe in any impurities in the air. If you’d like to improve the air quality in your home, several products can accomplish that goal. Learn which ones you’ll want depending on the specific issues in your home’s air.

Air Filter for Removing Particulate Matter

Air conditioners and many furnaces have filters within them, and the purpose of these filters is to remove particulate matter from the air. This includes dust, pollen, hairs, and other debris that are airborne. 

For most people and in most homes, a standard air filter is fine so long as it’s changed regularly. Exactly how often it ought to be changed depends on your particular situation.

If someone in your family has severe allergies, you’ll want to change it more frequently than if no one does. Additionally, you should also change it more often if you have pets that shed because their dander can end up in the air. The more pets you have, the more frequent the changes should be.

Sometimes, however, even changing an air filter frequently still leaves hypersensitive people suffering from allergy or other symptoms. If someone in your family has a medical condition that makes them extremely sensitive to airborne particulate matter, a specialized filter may help alleviate their symptoms.

Specialized filters capture more debris than standard filters do. Although these filters have higher price tags, the added cost is worthwhile if someone can’t breathe well in your home.

Air Purifier for Removing Airborne Debris

Air purifiers are stand-alone units that also remove airborne debris. These have an air filter inside them, and they channel air through the filter. The filter is usually a high-end, specialty one.

If your home doesn’t have air conditioning and uses a heating method that doesn’t use forced air, your air likely isn’t filtered at all. In this situation, an air purifier can be used to circulate and clean the air.

An air purifier is also useful if one person in your home is particularly susceptible to issues caused by airborne matter. You can place the purifier in a room where that person spends a lot of time, such as their bedroom, so that they’re breathing the cleanest air in your house.

Humidifier for Higher Humidity Levels

If the air in your home is particularly dry, a humidifier can increase humidity levels by releasing water vapor into the air. Humidifiers may release cool or warm water vapor, and some have scent options that add an extra level of luxury.

Even if your home doesn’t have a regular low-humidity problem, you may still want to keep a humidifier in storage. When someone comes down with a cold or other illness, running a humidifier at night can help them sleep more soundly.

Dehumidifier for Lower Humidity Levels

Dehumidifiers do the exact opposite of humidifiers. These appliances draw water out of the air to reduce humidity levels. Some models collect water in a container that needs to be emptied periodically, and others have a drainage hole that can be connected to a hose for automatic draining.

A dehumidifier may be necessary if you see problems that are indicative of high humidity, such as warping wood, mold growth, and foxing on books. These are often used in basements, which can be humid, but they can be used in any room of your house.

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