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Heating Services

Proper heating is a necessity that everyone deserves when it comes to staying comfortable, so it’s important to get it right the first time.

Trane’s Most Distinguished Dealer

As the winner of the Trane Most Distinguished Dealer of the Year Award for the last several years, we understand that value and quality products play a huge part in proper home comfortability. While we service all models & makes, Trane is the most trusted brand in the business. When combined with Service 1’s reliable and flexible service, we form a one-two punch that the rest can only dream about matching.

SERVICE 1 PLUMBING, HEATING, & A/C, INC. is here to handle any heating and cooling issue so that nothing interferes with your daily life. Call us if you need a repair or installation, and we will send one of our technicians out to assess the issue in no time at all. With free estimates & no extra charge for nights/weekends, it’s easy to see why we’re the only A+ rated BBB contractor in our service area.

Variable-speed air handler
Air source heat pumps
Geothermal heat pumps
Home and Business Retrofit
System Replacement


When the call requires a repair or installation of new equipment.

New Installation

Installing a high-quality furnace in your home or business is crucial for ensuring comfort and proper air flow throughout your space. Here’s what we do to install yours right from the get-go.


Upgrade and Replacement

If a problem occurs, we are always ready. Learn how you can reach one of our licensed professionals for a speedy remedy to any heating issue.


Repair Service

Staying on top of the latest developments in heating and cooling is what we do so that your system is always the best of the best. Here’s how we handle upgrades and replacements.


Preventative Maintenance

Our service includes finding solutions before the problems occur. Maintenance from our team means making sure your equipment is set up for success.


Service Agreements — “The Smart Choice”

Our Service Agreement is one of the most comprehensive on the market. Make sure your equipment is protected.

Whenever they’re needed most, sometimes heating and cooling systems can fail us. Inclement temperatures during any season are when these systems are hardest at work, which can lead to issues or breakdowns. Taking advantage of our service agreement lets you rest assured that we will do everything we can to extend the life of your equipment, optimize them for efficiency and safety, and make your issue our top priority. Even the top of the line will suffer from wear and tear, so we’re here to help when it does.

This agreement entitles our customers to benefit from our exclusive Multi-Point Precision Tune-Up and professional cleaning (PTPC). Here is just a sample of our procedures: click here for a printable version of our service agreement.

Clean, calibrate thermostat
Wash condensor coil
Clean heat exchanger(s), burners and pilot assemblies
Replace or wash standard air-filters
Adjust all drive belts and pulleys
Test, secure and tighten all electrical connections and terminals
Test humidifier operation and set damper and humidistat
Lubricate all moving parts
Inspect heat exchanger(s), flue assembly, burners and draft diverters
Vacuum clean all combustion, flue and blower compartments
Activiate heating or cooling system
Test all motors, starting capacitors, run capacitors and potential relays
Test, measure and record operating temperature and pressures
Electronically test for poisonous, deadly carbon monoxide gas
Test for gas leaks at furnace
Provide complete written analysis of our findings, along with any recommendations that we may have to improve the safety and efficiency of your heating & cooling system

A 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year system will undoubtedly require service. Extended warranty plans are a smart way to manage operation costs for our customers.


We’re open all day, every day to help with all emergencies.