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How to Keep Air Clean in Your Home

Winter can be a tough time, the air is dry and stale, and it’s too cold to open a window to air your house out. If you have breathing issues, or someone in your family has allergies, keeping the air clean in your home is very important.

However, there are several products that can improve the air quality in your home. Humidifiers, ventilators, UV lights, Carbon Monoxide detectors and air cleaners are just some of the products that can help you out.

Since we live near Chicago, where it can get pretty cold, humidifiers are crucial for the home. Humidifiers monitor the humidity levels within your home to ensure your home is as comfortable as possible. If you wake up in the morning and your mouth or skin is dry, you should consider buying a humidifier.

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Ventilators can help those with allergies or breathing problems. These circulate odors and pollutants out of your house, while also preserving heating or cooling energy. You will have the freshest air possible, and they are energy efficient as well.

Air cleaners can also help ensure you’re breathing easy. An air cleaner will combat pollutants, and help sustain your health and comfort by providing great air quality.

UV Lights and and Carbon Monoxide detectors can also be good products to buy for you home. Since heating and cooling units are fueled by Carbon Monoxide, being able to detect this fatal gas is key for your health. You can schedule an appointment to make sure it’s expertly installed by one of our expert technicians.

Lastly, UV Lights can actually positively impact your health. The lights can protect your indoor air quality by ridding it of bacteria or mold growing within your indoor coil. It also reduces smells and odors, improves cooling efficiency, and reduces colds and flus. We can install UV lights for any coil size.

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